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Are you afraid of injuries that can change your life?


We understand you. We also know the feeling of standing in the gym with the weight in hand, contemplating whether you're ready to try to beat your personal record. It's natural to fear injuries, as they can bring pain and limitations not only to your training but also affect various aspects of everyday life, such as constant pain, dependency on others, and foregoing activities with friends and family.

In collaboration with some of Denmark's top athletes, we have dedicated ourselves to designing, testing, and developing the perfect training equipment to minimize the risk of injuries and ensure faster progress on your fitness journey.

Training equipment is not just for advanced lifters but for anyone seeking increased safety, muscle growth, and strength in their workouts. For example, a Lever Belt provides support to your core, a vulnerable part of the body. Knee Sleeves support and warm the knee joints, one of the body's most crucial joints. Wrist Wraps stabilize the wrists, preventing them from ending up in a vulnerable position, while Lifting Straps ensure that your grip strength is not the limiting factor in your lifts.

Our success is not about selling products; it's about making your training safer so you can achieve faster progress in strength and muscle growth. We have developed equipment that will make you more confident in your training, leading to progress in strength and muscle growth that will make others question your "natty" status.

Explore our brand and products, crafted with precision and dedication. Our commitment to your success is woven into everything we offer. From innovative designs to real-world testing, we are here to ensure and enhance your training.

Let's rewrite your training story, one workout at a time. Welcome to a community where we optimize your results together and celebrate your success.


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