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Others' Guarantees are Risky:

We have shopped online ourselves and fallen victim to careless guarantees that hardly provide any value to the customer because the item must be unused. This leaves you, as a customer, with false hopes that your hard-earned money is in safe hands until you need to return the product and discover that the guarantee's coverage was merely bait for the benefit of the webshop.

IT IS WRONG for you as a customer to take the webshop's word for everything they promise while simultaneously bearing all the risk if their products fail to deliver.

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Our Guarantee is Risk-Free

Note: Please be aware that our guarantee does not cover dietary supplements.

At Unlisted Strength, your success is our success, and we genuinely trust our products. Therefore, we take pride in offering a 100-day satisfaction guarantee that actually applies.

Our guarantee makes your purchase with us risk-free. You can use the equipment for up to 100 days, during which we are confident you will see the promised results. If you are not satisfied, you only have to pay the return freight.

However, there are requirements that the equipment must not be damaged due to irresponsible or reckless use. It covers cases where the equipment has been used for ordinary purposes. It's natural that the products won't appear brand new after 100 days, and we fully understand this.

But don't worry, this doesn't mean that, due to the guarantee, you might receive equipment that has been used by others for up to 100 days, as all equipment that doesn't appear new will be sorted out.

  1. To be eligible for a refund, the purchase of products from Trackfie and Unlisted Strength must be made from the website

  2. We offer a 100% refund guarantee, covering the entire paid product price and delivery price. (Not return freight)

  3. You have 100 days from the date you receive the item(s) to return them. Any return requests received after 100 days will not be processed.

  4. Once the item(s) are returned, the purchase price of the product(s), including the shipping cost, will be refunded to you.

If you have further questions about our satisfaction guarantee, feel free to email us at or reach out to us via the live chat.


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