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The weightlifting belt is perfect for strength training and powerlifting as it supports the back in heavy exercises such as squats and deadlifts. Our lever belt is an absolute must-have. It is a thoroughly tested weightlifting belt that comes in the highest quality. The belt is made of 100% genuine leather to provide maximum support for the back, of which 10% is suede leather located on the inside of the weightlifting belt. This means that the belt becomes super comfortable to wear, even during heavy lifts. The remaining 90% is genuine, sturdy leather, making the weightlifting belt solid and durable.

The recommended thickness of a lever belt is between 11-13mm.

- 11mm is more comfort-oriented as it quickly adapts to your body shape.
- 13mm provides maximum support as the extra amount of leather makes the belt more solid.

This, of course, depends on how much of the belt contains genuine, sturdy leather. We have found the perfect blend of leather types through:

- Thorough testing of various belts
- Everyday use
- Many hours of research

Our lever belts are 10cm in width and contain genuine, sturdy leather and genuine suede leather as we have found this to be the perfect mix between strength and comfort.

  • Choose between 11mm and 13mm thickness according to your preferences. Learn more in the section below or click here.
  • Genuine leather for maximum support and durability that will save you money in the long run.
  • Lever buckle for quick closure, distinguishing it from standard prong belts.
  • 10 cm wide to support the lower back without limiting mobility.
  • Double stitching for extra durability.
  • 3D embroidered logo for a stylish look.
Size Guide

You can find our size guides above, where you can select the size or by clicking below:

Lever Belt - Size Guide

Lever Belt - 11mm vs 13mm

Lever Belt 11mm

  1. Focus on comfort and support - provides a balance between strength and comfort.
  2. Higher mobility - can be an advantage in some exercises.
  3. Faster adaptation - the belt adapts to your body shape more quickly.

Lever Belt 13mm

  1. Exclusive focus on support - provides a higher strength potential.
  2. Reduced mobility - can be a disadvantage in some exercises.
  3. Slower adaptation - the belt adapts to your body shape more slowly.

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Emil D. Christensen
Belt and other equipment
Bought one of their belts a while back, it works really well! Since then, I've also purchased their knee sleeves and straps. Professional and fast :D
Super nice belt
Super nice belt, which is of really high quality for the price.
Great service, fast delivery, and exceptional equipment
Fast delivery, Good quality, Low price. The product works as it should. Nothing to complain about.
Thor Pedersen
This is probably some of the best I have...
This is probably some of the best I have tried. I bought a bundle where I got everything I need. The quality is top-notch, both their equipment and their service.
Asbjørn Slot Nielsen
Absolutely fantastic service
I contacted them about delivery time and other products, and within 2 minutes, I received a response. The product is of high quality, and the delivery only took two days.

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11mm Lever belt


Comfort & Support

Focus on both comfort and support

More Mobility

Advantage in exercises where flexibility can enhance performance

Shorter Adaptation

Takes less time to adapt to your body shape

13mm Lever belt


Maximum Support

Exclusive focus on support

Greater Stability

Focus on stability for heavier lifts

Longer Adaptation

Takes more time to adapt to your body shape


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