Complete Guide to Knee Sleeves

Complete Guide to Knee Sleeves

What exactly do you use knee sleeves for and are there really more reasons to use them?

Many may not be quite sure what exactly you should use the sleeves for, and if you are one of them, then you have come to the right place, as in this blog we will cover all the things you can use them for to.

What do knee sleeves do?

Knee sleeves actually do more than just support your knees, below is a list of all the factors they play a role in and will be elaborated later in the blog.

  1. Supports the knee - Designed to protect the knees.
  2. Compression - Supplies blood and reduces pain
  3. Neoprene - Elastic material
  4. Lift heavier - Might help a bit

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Supports the knee

Knee sleeves help to support the knees and provide extra security for the knees. Some of the injuries most often seen are knee injuries, so it is therefore a very exposed joint for athletes. Knee sleeves reduce the risk of injury, and are also recommended for use if you already have injuries to your knees.


In addition to supporting the knees, knee sleeves also add a valuable form of compression which helps to increase blood circulation around the knees. This means that both pain during and after training will be reduced, which ultimately leads to faster and thorough recovery.

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Neoprene is an elastic rubber variant which makes it easy to maneuver the sleeve up above the knee. In addition, it is also an insulating material, which provides heat to conductors, and makes it easier for you to feel your joints. In addition, the material also reduces the movement of the patella (kneecap).

Lift heavier

Many powerlifters use knee sleeves as it helps lift heavier weights, which is also true to some extent. Knee sleeves support the knee, which can lead to more stability in heavy squats. In addition, they are made of elastic material, which at the bottom of a squat would provide a bit of assistance on the way up.

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