Complete guide to Lifting Straps

Complete guide to Lifting Straps

Why do people use lifting straps when they train, and are there multiple reasons for using them?

If you're uncertain, read this blog as we delve into all the purposes of lifting straps in training.

What do lifting straps do?

Lifting straps help you in heavy lifts where your grip is the limiting factor, for example, in deadlifts where you can no longer lift the weight solely because your grip is failing. With the assistance of lifting straps, you can effectively enhance your training by targeting the muscle more intensely, leading to greater growth potential.

When should you use lifting straps?

You should only use lifting straps when your grip is failing and is the limiting factor. Since a strong grip is crucial in exercises like deadlifts and many others, using lifting straps too early can be a disadvantage. However, you can use them earlier if you also train your grip through various grip exercises.

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